Top 5 Custom Window Treatments Revealed!

Every year our clients ask for Custom Window Treatments and it seems like we go through phases when people ask for the same styles. What they ask for is usually predicated by what they have seen in the magazines and in retail stores. Most of the time it is something very simple and boring…something that is quite frankly, an afterthought! It has no style, no color, and it is usually looks like warm glass of milk!!! Does this describe something you have in your home???

CONSUMER ALERT: Formaldehyde in Laminate Flooring Causes Elevated Cancer Risk

The story has been all the news media within the last week that Lumber Liquidators have sold laminate flooring  made in China and that it can cause cancers of the nose and eyes, 2-9 cases every 100,000 people. What is formaldehyde you ask? It is a colorless gas with a pungent smell. it is used in household products and in building materials. Why is it harmful?  Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen. It is one of the most common indoor air pollutants.