Interior Design

Columbus Interior Design

My love of Interior Design started when I was in High School. I met an Interior Designer on a family vacation and heard about what she did for a living and I thought that sounded like something I would enjoy doing. What makes me unique as an Interior Designer is that I do not have a “stamped” style. I work in every style from Historical Federal style, Art Deco, Southern Traditional, Midwestern to Contemporary and I love them all! I have a great eye for color and I enjoy the challenge of creating environments that are both well designed but practical and livable at the same time. I think that engaging in a relationship with your homes’ interior is a great value. I will save you time and effort, help you avoid costly mistakes and guarantee exceptional results.

What Is It Like to Work With Me?

It starts with a Phone Consultation.

Great Interior design happens when both the homeowner and interior designer have a rapport. To make sure we are a good fit for each other, we will talk on the phone about the project. I will ask you a series of questions regarding your project which will help me assess how we can best work together. I’ll assume you will have questions for me too. We will set up an appointment at a convenient time for both of us. I will ask you to email some photos of the room or the home we will be working on so I can pull the proper items to prepare for our appointment in your home where we will outline your design plan.

“Design House Call”

A face to face meeting is the best way for us to get to know each other. At this appointment, I will listen to your ideas and learn about the vision you want me to help you create. I really want to know your hopes and dreams for this design project. By assessing your needs I will create a design fee based on the size of the project, the scope of work involved, and the location of the project. The fee represents a reasonable assessment of time, materials and resources it will take to professionally complete your job, and it assures you I will complete your project on time and on budget. The scope of the work and or design fee is defined and detailed in a Letter of Agreement between you and Fine Designs & Interiors. Ongoing purchases and installation services have a project and purchasing management fee built into estimates.

If Full-Service Design is not needed I do offer some additional options:

Consulting Only – This is a consultation in your home with no purchases from me. This is for the person who likes to Do It Yourself, has many ideas and just needs help pulling them together and needs direction. This is also for the person who just wants a Paint Consultation or a Healthy Home Analysis. An hourly rate of $150 per hour applies. (2-hour min)

Your Design Plan in Action

Within a few weeks, I will return to your home and I will present you with the items we discussed in your design plan. Computer renderings and floor plans are created to help you visualize your design. Bids for labor are in the works and budgets are reviewed. This is a creative experience so I expect a bit of back and forth as we hone in on the right pieces to accomplish the look and feel we specified in your design plan. Once you have given final approval for the Designs, things are put into action. Trade professionals are assembled to discuss details and schedules in order to proceed. I will manage your project and will be monitoring the tradespeople, managing expectations, and looking ahead to anticipate potential pitfalls. Frequent visits to your home keep the project moving along in a timely orderly fashion. Over the next few weeks or months, your home will evolve resulting in the final unforgettable moment when you see your dreams have finally come to life.

Wrap Up

Once the installation is complete, you may have some questions or want help in other rooms. I will handle any questions you have at this point and last but not least present you with some of my “Sought After Homemade” FUDGE! Eat it as you enjoy your beautiful home!

My goal is to make the interior design process easy, fun and professional. Together, we will co-create the space you have in mind. If you have any questions, please contact me. I would love to help you through your creative process and bring out your home’s true potential!