Kids Rooms

Columbus Museum of Art Decorators Showcase
2019 Columbus Museum of Art Decorators Showcase

I was honored to be juried into the Columbus Museum of Art, 2019 Decorators Showcase this year. I was given the Children's Room which consisted of a room that was 20' x 20' with 15' tall ceilings. Wood floors and white walls. We were able to choose one piece of art from the museum's collection of art and it had to be chosen on the day we were assigned the room. I had absolutely NO idea what I was going to do yet! 

This is what the room looked like ...

How To Make Your Childs’ Room their Sanctuary

Meeting with children to decorate their rooms has always been one of my favorite things to do as an Interior Designer. I am fascinated by how diverse their minds are, what lofty ideas come to their little minds and how EXCITED they get when their room is done! It’s very rewarding for me to go through this process. Whether its for newborn babies or teenages, there is a challenge to make that child feel secure, safe and at home in their own room. We don’t usually think too much about that child and their place to go….its our house, right?!