Christmas in Ohio

This year the winter weather hit Ohio quite early….we had snow around Thanksgiving and that is very unusual! The Christmas season came and went very quickly but we were not lacking in the cold/snow department. I am amazed what a little tiny snowflake can do to the feeling of Christmas. Although it didn’t actually snow on Christmas day we had snow on Christmas eve. It felt like a gift all in itself that Christmas had arrived and we were to stop and enjoy the peacefulness that the snowfall resembles.

French Country vs Tuscan Styles in Interior Design

Happy Spring! Well…kind of. This Winter has been a rough one for many people in the Northeast and here in Ohio we have had a lot more snow, ice and cold weather than normal…not as bad as some, but still a hard winter. I can’t help but to LOVE some of the beautiful French Country decor with all the flowers, greenery, and the thought of a golden sunset over a countryside…Ahhh…

Better Than A Sunburst!

This Beautiful Window Treatment was created by Fine Designs Drapery Workroom a couple of years ago. I was recently in the home to do another project and thought this was definitely worthy of mentioning. Many people don’t know what to do with full arch windows and end up with one of those sheer “sunburst” things in their windows which always seem to sag. That is one of my pet peeves…a poorly made sunburst! To change the thinking process, I tend to swag fabric over posts, drapery hardware or even door knobs to draw the eye up and back down to emphasize the window without covering it up.