The Time to Redecorate is NOW!

Do you have something in your home that just doesn’t look right? Doesn’t work right? You hate this ONE thing and it drives you crazy every time you look at it???

A lot of my clients’ have told me over the years’ that they don’t know why they have lived with some of the things they have lived with for 10,15, or even 20 years, but they did.  I was just recently at a new clients’ home redesigning window treatments for their Master Bedroom. They had a designer who created these window treatments that were hideous! They hated them when they went in and have lived with them for 20 YEARS!! Why……….????

Why do we settle to live with things we do not like? Why do we accept certain things in our homes that are just so-so?

I am a strong advocate of surrounding yourself with things you LOVE, things that make you feel good so that you can go out into the world and be your best. If you are constantly living with things that you don’t like you actually carry it in your consciousness all through the day. Do you ever feel irritated about something and you don’t know why? I do! I get irritated when I’m in my office at work because I don’t like how dirty the carpet looks…it sets the tone for anything I do in that room. If you REALLY sit down and think about what in your home irritates you I think you will find that IT is irritating you on a daily basis! If you are constatly irritated about that paint color on your walls, or that piece of furniture that doesn’t match or that blind on the window that has broken strings, imagine if it was fixed and that you dont’ have to think about it anymore….Wow….that would be a relief wouldn’t it!  At some point you need to say, enough! I’m not going to live with this anymore! I had a pull out shelf in my kitchen pantry that would fall out of the track every time I, or anyone in the house pulled it out.  I finally said enough is enough and called my local cabinet maker. Within a week he came out and fixed it! I cannot tell you how NICE it is to pull out that shelf now and it doesn’t fall out! I didn’t realize how much I dealt with this and how long I put it off!

So what is it going to take to get your room decorated? A phone call, an email, a Facebook message?!  What about just getting your blind fixed. How about just getting another paint color on the wall. Stop procrastinating !! This is your virtual kick in your behind! You will feel so much better getting whatever it is off your list of things that drive you crazy. I have heard it again and again…I don’t know why I waited so long to do this but I’m glad I finally called you Melinda! 

My advise is to go around your house and make a list of things that drive you nuts. After making the list, prioritize those “things” that need done. Divide that list into things you can do, things your husband, son or other family member can do, and things you need to hire someone to do. TODAY you need to call the person on the top of the list!! (…did you hear me???   TODAY)  Put it in your calendar in a week to call about the #2 thing on your list and the third week call about the #3 thing on your list. You will be so glad you did this!

If I can be any help in any way whether its a window treatment, an interior design need, a phone number of who to call for something you need done, don’t hestiate to call, email, Facebook me, IM me on Twitter or text me. I’m here to help you! I am going to be watching this post and hope that someone will report to me something that is driving you crazy in your home and you are taking steps forward to getting that fixed!!