What's the Scoop on Paint Colors for 2020
colors for 2020

I think one of the most popular questions I get is what is the TREND now in paint colors. I am always up to date on those with the industry I'm in but I don't always agree with the selections that the paint companies announce. I am always a bit hesitant to "join the revolution" of changing everything in my house around to match the paint colors of the year too. That is until this year....3 of the 4 main paint companies have announced that their paint color of the year is a shade of blue. I LOVE Blue! Blue has been in every home I have ever had!

Columbus Museum of Art Decorators Showcase
2019 Columbus Museum of Art Decorators Showcase

I was honored to be juried into the Columbus Museum of Art, 2019 Decorators Showcase this year. I was given the Children's Room which consisted of a room that was 20' x 20' with 15' tall ceilings. Wood floors and white walls. We were able to choose one piece of art from the museum's collection of art and it had to be chosen on the day we were assigned the room. I had absolutely NO idea what I was going to do yet! 

This is what the room looked like ...