Christmas Decorating Trends for 2021

MacKenzie Childs Christmas Decor

Every Year I am always looking at many different resources to find the latest in Christmas Decor. It is a huge rabbit hole for me actually. I can spend hours upon hours watching You Tube videos, looking at different magazines, going in and out of local stores and this year is no different! I decided that I should probably do a Blog post about my findings because my store is actually full of these trends right now. In case you didn't know I had a store it is called Fine Designs Coffee & Gifts in the heart of Downtown London Ohio. We set up about 5-7 Trees every year and they are FULL of ornaments and all the things that you can pull right off the tree and take home to copy what we have done!

This year I am preparing to go on the What Matters Show with Mindy and Mikaela in a few hours so I am getting the photos of all the areas in my store ready to show them.

In a Nutshell here are the trends:

1- Tree Collars at the base of your tree or a big fur throw

2- White Flocked Christmas Trees

3- All shades of Blue are the Hottest Color Trend this year

4-Natural Elements on the Table like pinecones, Eucalyptus and Cirtrus, and Moss Runners

5-Checks- Not the kind you write on, Black and White, Red and White mixed with all the classic colors of Christmas


Below are the examples of the styles I am talking about