What Shade of Gray is HOT Today!

What Shade of Gray is HOT Today!

We have seen a shift happening in the gray tones in the home lately. I am seeing on many design sites the shift from cool grays to warm grays. Homeowners are finding that the cooler grays are leaving people feeling …. well, cold! According to the North American Mental Health Advise Counsel, Gray is a dull, moody, and sad color that affects the mind and body by causing unsettling feelings. Too much gray creates feelings of sadness and depression. It also evokes feelings of loneliness and isolation”.  

The cool grays look like this. They are very nice in the summer months when you want to feel cooler but in the winter they can really make you feel dreary.










So what do you do? You have all this cool gray in your home? I have 3 options!

Number 1- Repaint! The colors are definitely heading in the warmer gray, taupe’s for the next several years. If you aren’t loving your cool grays get rid of them. One of the warmer grays can make a difference! Check out this one!

This color is still light and neutral but just has a warmer gray tone. Mixed with denim blues still give you a modern look but not as cool! This is a color by Sherwin Williams 7044 called Amazing Gray. This is always a safe choice.

Number Two- Add colors like Reds, Blues, and Yellows to accent walls so you break up all the monotony. Here are a couple ideas :


Number 3- If repainting isn’t in the budget you need to change the accessories in your room! Add color! You can add about any color to the room as long as it is a cool-toned color. Cool blue, soft cool greens, cool purples, light yellows, peachy oranges, and orangish reds look very nice.



If you would like to get some help adding a beautiful fabric or several new colors to your home give us a call. We can help you choose the perfect paint colors or fabrics to give your home a lift! Call us today!