Christmas in Ohio

This year the winter weather hit Ohio quite early….we had snow around Thanksgiving and that is very unusual! The Christmas season came and went very quickly but we were not lacking in the cold/snow department. I am amazed what a little tiny snowflake can do to the feeling of Christmas. Although it didn’t actually snow on Christmas day we had snow on Christmas eve. It felt like a gift all in itself that Christmas had arrived and we were to stop and enjoy the peacefulness that the snowfall resembles. With all the problems in the world it was as if everything stops to enjoy what the season is all about.

Here at the Elliott house, we have a lot of hustle and bustle going into the holidays. Mark makes not one but two Beef Wellington’s to share with both of our families on Christmas day. It is a two person and lots time to make it. We really look forward to having it for our Christmas Dinners!



My job duties at Christmas are, as you may have guessed….shop, wrap presents, and decorate the house. All things I love to do! I absolutely love to decorate my tree with orange/ red poinsettia’s, bronze ribbon and the ornaments from the boys from the last 20 years. The tree topper is always a lot of ribbon made into a very large bow. I usually make one for the front of the tree and the back. To make this bow I probably go through about 10 yards of ribbon! The mantle is layered in garland, ribbon and decorative garland with orangey/ red glitter pine cones and spray. I have these gorgeous stockings that have everyone’s name embroidered onto the stocking.

I was thrilled to have a day today to rest and recharge. Instead of stressing out about how the house was a disaster today, I took Gavin to the Movies to see “Frozen” and he absolutely loved it. It is a big deal to go to the movies during the holidays especially when you can’t really go outside and do much. We went outside today for about 10 min and froze our hands off! I’m hoping to get into putting things away tomorrow and get my house back in order!

From Ohio, I want to wish you all a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!