What's Trending in Interior Design Colors for 2021

This time of year I am always SO EXCITED to find out what the paint companies will come out as the popular colors coming out for the next year. It's as exciting of a time as the Grammies. All us Interior designers are always trying to guess to see what the color will be! We sit on our computers and wait for that moment when they are announced!  So here it is the yearly paint colors but only from a couple of companies... We have Sherwin Williams and PPG and Behr who has chosen a palette of color this year. They are all pretty similar except Sherwin Williams who's color is dark but AWESOME! 

First up is my favorite selection of the YEAR

Sherwin Williams-  Urbane Bronze as their color!

Urbane Bronze is a very warm color and works great with masculine, dark leather, dark wood-floored rooms! I love it used on walls but unique pieces of furniture is nice too! I think the color is very versatile actually. Think Old Rubbed Bronze with a Modern Twist! It pairs beautifully with the Taupey colors like Agreeable Gray and Analytical Gray as well as tones of warm yellows, soft whites and even a merlot color! My whole kitchen was painted this color! (I told you it was my favorite!) I acutally chose this color 2 years ago so I was ahead of the trends! That means I'm a trend-setter!! LOL!

Next is a soft muted color from PPG Called: Big Cypress, Transcend, Misty Aqua

The Behr Paint Colors are a total palette of colors for next year. I see a lot of similarities in the Behr and PPG color trends this time!  The colors are calm, optimistic, subtle, and cozy! I do like this grouping of colors quite a bit! I feel like I could live with most of these in my home. I am usually a little more dramatic in my taste and any of the bottom 2 rows would work for me! The top 3 on the right are being heavily used right now for bedroom paints!. I have tons and tons of clients who love those colors together and we have so many fabrics to choose from. I suggest that if you need a source of inspiration for a room you want to redo then pick a color, any color and start exploring what you can do with it!!

As the rest of the industry catches up with these 3 I will add to this post. For now here is something to start considering. What color can you paint YOUR next room??! Start finding accessories in these colors too for the end of the projects when we add back in the color. No more than 3 places in the room though. Don't overdo it! You just need a few!