What's the Scoop on Paint Colors for 2020

colors for 2020

I think one of the most popular questions I get is what is the TREND now in paint colors. I am always up to date on those with the industry I'm in but I don't always agree with the selections that the paint companies announce. I am always a bit hesitant to "join the revolution" of changing everything in my house around to match the paint colors of the year too. That is until this year....3 of the 4 main paint companies have announced that their paint color of the year is a shade of blue. I LOVE Blue! Blue has been in every home I have ever had! I also LOVE to decorate for others with the color blue!  So hats off to the paint companies in aligning themselves this year with what I like! The other color that is trending heavily is the Milennial Pink color which is a soft beigy version of a light pink. That color is a little harder to place in several homes. For one, the men in the house don't relate to it, BUT it pairs well with all the grey tones of paint that everyone has in their homes. Grey....well, its starting to phase out a bit. I see a lot of people who are ready for a little warmer color tones. The greige colors are definately more current and not as cold and austere as the Grey that everyone has been doing. Another color I see all the time in design is an Emerald Green. Bright, Bold, Tropical Green! It is full of life! I think most people like the green velvets and green accent walls paired with a carrera marble. 



From an interior designer's perspecive here is what I think about what colors you should be putting in your home....whatever makes YOU happy! What makes you at peace, what makes you feel good when you look at it! Use the color of the year as guides! Add them in small accents along with the other colors you have now IF you can. If you want to use the color but don't know how too, well, that is where I come in! I will help you! I love to work with color! You will rarely see me do a design project in all whites. For one, I live in Ohio and not on the beach, and two, a lot of my client have children! 

So the take away from this post today is use the trending colors as a guide! Don't go crazy thinking you have to change everything unless you haven't updated in the last 10 years, then we need to talk!