Colors of 2015: How Pantone, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams Compare


How The 2 Paint Giants Compare

Each year there is a meeting of color expert that sit and decide what the colors of the year are going to be. This happens at paint companies too. They look at the way color is trending, what is happening around the world and many other sources to determine color trends. That being said there are several interpretations of color trends. In this article I have included the Pantone color of the year, the Sherwin Williams 4 color styles and the Benjamin Moore paint predictions for 2015. You will see a lot of similarities amongst them.

This is the Pantone Color of the Year…Its called Marsala which is represented by one of our vendors, Surya who has many products for the home including rugs, pillows, artwork, lamps and home accessories. Marsala is a “hearty yet stylish tone that is universally appealing. Highly versatile and easily paired with both neutrals and more vibrant hues, Marsala evokes a sense of rootedness and understated elegance while encouraging creative experimentation", the company said.

Next up is the Sherwin Williams 4 Color Stories which evoke different feelings


The Benjamin Moore Color Forecast is a lot simpler to understand. The colors have very soft hues.

5 Ways they compare:

  1. They all have a decent amount of blue and very little greens
  2. They all have a nice bright pink in the palette
  3. All the colors are very cool looking and have a greyed out look to them
  4. No Taupe but you do see more Khaki shades
  5. No Brown tones…mostly grey and blacks.

Everyone interprets color differently…which palette do you relate to the most?

What Room do you need to change the most?

No Clue where to start?

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Courtesy of the Pantone, Sherwin Williams , Benjamin Moore and Surya Websites