10 Reasons Why You Should Use Fine Designs for Blinds

For the life of me, I do not understand why anyone would want to order blinds over the internet! Over the last 30 years that I have been selling blinds, shades, and shutters, you would not BELIEVE all the mistakes we have made in ordering, installing, having to repair blinds that have rotted string, and remote controls which need re-programmed! It's been a painful learning experience. I learn something each and every time something doesn't go quite right! I recently just had a customer tell me they were going to order from a big box store because they could get a better price. Well, I'm here to tell you PRICE isn't everything! In this world of "I want it now and I want it cheap" people get what they pay for, quick (ish) cheap and the wrong color! OR it takes forever to get samples, it's cheap and then it won't fit right!  I can only liken this to buying an outfit online. How many times have you ordered clothes online and when it came it wasn't quite the color you thought it was going to be? It didn't quite fit right- it might be way too tight or it was way too loose! The time I waste trying to order, waiting for it to get to me, and its a total crapshoot whether it's going to fit or not! Most of the time it doesn't fit! Right?!  As I was talking to my staff yesterday we decided to make a list of WHY our clients should use us based on all the experiences we have witnessed! There is more to this process than meets the eye!

1- First of all we have lots and lots of options of different kinds of shades and companies that we represent! We listen to the needs of our clients and bring to them what we think is the right product for their home and their style.

2- Your options are VERY limited online. I've spent lots of money buying sample books (Yeah...they are NOT FREE from my companies!) so I can bring to your home. This takes the place of the many hours people take to research what company, what styles they like, who is most trustworthy. 

3- The color issue...you ALL know that colors on a computer screen don't read correctly....right???!!! We have a trained eye for color and can help you make the right decisions!

4- We are saving your HOURS of time online researching everything from company to style to color! 

5- Then you have to order the samples and have them MAILED TO YOU...how long is THAT going to take to get in??? Didn't you need blinds yesterday??? Within an hour we have helped you choose a style AND you have seen the samples IN your home!   Seeing the samples in your home are SOOO important! Our trained eye for color can help you make those decisions and lead you to the right decisions. We have hundreds of color options and color can only be chosen correctly in your home. PERIOD. Your lighting, the way the sun comes in the windows and the color of your walls and furnishings all dictate the final decision of a color on a shade for your window. I hear all the time, I just want white....well, do you know how many SHADES of white there are?? 

6- Measuring... WE will measure the windows, analyze the trim, and decide what is the best way to mount a blind or shade. Every home is different and there are several different conversations that come up when we are talking to ta client about the mounting of the shades. Should it go all the way to the top? My windows are deep, should they go all the way back or all the way to the front? What about that little piece of trim up there? 

7- How to control the blinds/ shades is always a BIG conversation. Do you know how many ways you can control shades and blinds these days? We have cord loop, cordless, ultra glide, soft-touch motorization, remote control, an app on your phone or iPad control, scene control, cord tilt or wand tilt....and oh YEAH...do you have kids and pets?? Cord safety needs to align with the occupants of the home. Then we need to know are you left or right-handed???!!! SEE...lots and lots of questions that need to be answered on this subject!

8- We will navigate the confusing price grids, order the products, check them in and make sure they do not have any flaws or missing parts, and last but not least INSTALL them for you!

9-  We Guarantee they will fit! 100% GUARANTEE!

10- We service the blinds the entire time you have them in your home! If there are any issues you call us! One phone call, no wait time, we will come and pick them up or send you a return authorization and make sure they are returned to you quickly! 

So next time it is time to order blinds/ shades or shutters, save yourself some VALUABLE time and just call us FIRST! 740-852-6226