How To Make Your Childs’ Room their Sanctuary

Meeting with children to decorate their rooms has always been one of my favorite things to do as an Interior Designer. I am fascinated by how diverse their minds are, what lofty ideas come to their little minds and how EXCITED they get when their room is done! It’s very rewarding for me to go through this process. Whether its for newborn babies or teenages, there is a challenge to make that child feel secure, safe and at home in their own room. We don’t usually think too much about that child and their place to go….its our house, right?! Studies have shown that when you allow your child to help make the decisions on what their own room looks like it helps the child psychologically! The child feels like he/she is important, he/she is impowered by someone listening to them, and they are able to express themselves…their way! Read along…see just a few of the projects I’ve done for the kids!


The photo above was for a tween who loved the New York skyline…she wanted to use her existing lighting and glam up the room. She wanted color as well. The exciting thing I did in this room was I found a wallpaper mural of a scene from New York City that the child resonates with and use it on a whole wall in their room. We added GLAM with the crystal chandelier and found her a new daybed that looked like a sofa and added cute pillows on it too. I made a simple valance out of a cool 3-D Circles fabric for her windows and place a honeycomb blind behind the valance so she could have privacy. She LOVED her room and all her friends loved coming over to spend the night in New York City!

Another room I did was a nursery for a little girl. I cannot take the credit for coming up with the idea for the hand-painted mural on the wall. However I finished the room off with the double layer sheer window treatments…. This was just too cute not to show!  The new Mother loved Peter Rabbit and this mural was drawn on the wall with the artists’ interpretation. Although this wasn’t the childs’ choice, it is a good example of a wall idea using a story book idea.
I designed this room years’ ago for a boy who was tired of a teddy bear border in his room. He loved baseball, especially the Indians and the Marlins…I drew up the idea of a stadium, designed the baseball rug and had it custom made and had a new wood floor installed as well as all those faces on the wall hand-drawn. We left the faces face-less so you could imagine what the people acutally looked like. This was a cool project and years’ later, when this boy grew up and moved out, his parents left the room intact. My tip from this project is to personalize the room with something that means something to the child. Whatever they love to do, watch, enjoy, is what they should be surrounded by. My son, Gavin has a room I did with a nautical theme when he was born. He now absolutley LOVES Sharks so I have taken stuffed sharks and put them on his bed, on decorative shelves around the room and books on his desk. I’m sure in a few years this room will be ready for an overhaul but I’ve been able to make the design last a few more years.
Here is his room now!
Find what they love and decorate around it!
I can meet with your child and find out what makes them tick and give you some great suggestions as to what to do!
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