Yes I Do Smaller Projects Also…

I was just questioned recently by a prospective client who had been on my web site if I would work on smaller, and not so grand looking homes. I was so glad that she asked that question because it made me sit back and reflect on all the various “homes” I have worked on.

My answer was that I would work on ANY size home. I am mostly concerned with making my clients’ home the BEST it can be for them! This is a space that this client has to look at every day and it doesn’t matter if they just need a new paint color, a new piece of art for their wall or just some ideas about what can be done to improve the space is all part of what I do.

I have worked in apartments, commercial businesses, Funeral Homes, A Senior Center apartment, many condominiums, and of course, all sizes of homes! I also have traveled all over the State of Ohio even as far as Kentucky!

On my web site I have my Award Winning Designs and projects I have had professionally photographed which makes it look like that is ALL I do….that is not the case!

My fees are all tailored to each persons needs and I will come out and look at the project and estimate what will need done to properly finish the room or the home. I am very open to doing projects in stages which may take several months to several years to do!

Finally, I need to make a comment about my approach to designing for my clients. This is THEIR home not MINE. I totally listen to each and every need and want that my clients have, put that together with my expertise and creativity and give them something that is TOTALLY their taste! I am not the type of designer that has a “look”! The only thing that you will know my work is that it will be done tastefully and very well done!

I hope that helps many of you who may be intimidated that hiring me to help you design your Interior is something you and everyone you know can benefit from and not cost you an arm and a leg to do it and it will be your taste when it is complete!