Legs Legs Legs!

You may wonder why I might be blogging about legs…

As an Interior Designer this is a subject that comes up once in a while. In fact, it came up today when talking to a client. It has to do with selecting furniture for some of the rooms in your home. It is an epic FAIL that some people may not actually see but KNOW that something isn’t right. It has to do with having furniture in your room which have legs on everything…I see this issue a lot in homes that have wood floors. People forget that you need to alter the view on the bottom third of the room.

In the Interior Design community, we say it looks like the room is going to get up and walk away!

So what does that look like? Here are a couple examples:




If you have a sofa with legs, you really need to pair up a piece of furniture that has a skirt on it. Club Chairs and Ottomans work great!

If you have a couple of wing chairs, you should stay away from a sofa with exposed legs. Go with the skirt!

If you have furniture with all legs and you can’t change it, add a tableskirt on a table to try to add some “weight” to the room.

If you aren’t sure of how to combine the pieces in your home you need to consult with an Interior Designer like me! I’m happy to look at photos online of your room and let you know what works and what doesn’t. Contact me for My Online Design Services. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


Melinda Peters Elliott, ASID-Affiliate Practitioner
Fine Designs & Interiors

Photos were taken from the Google Images off the following sites….getitcut.com, 490west.com, emtblog.com and are not photos of Fine Designs & Interiors, Ltd. work. They are solely used for the examples as described above. I am not saying these photos are bad depictions of design because rules are made to be broken, but just chose them to show them as examples.