How Interior Design is like Playing in the Superbowl

A football game and Interior Design are alike you ask??? How is THAT possible?

I’m inspired to write this Blog post on the heels of the most incredible Superbowl game I have EVER watched. The Seattle Seahawks vs the New England Patriots! Yeah…no one will ever forget that one! The worst play ever called in the history of the Superbowl I’m sure. If you didn’t see it, you need to. Oh and just watch the last 1 minute of the game! Right????!!!!

Anyway, back to the subject… is Interior Design like playing a football game in the Superbowl. I’ll put it in very simple terms:

  • You (Client)…..You are the Coach
  • Me (Designer)….I am the Quarterback
  • My Office Staff….We are the Team My Vendors and Subcontractors….they are the Special Teams

So here is how your Interior Design Project is like the Football game….

  1. You (Client) give me the projects (plays) you want to do.
  2. I take the plays, and because I have already run them thousands of times before, engage my team members to do what you need to have done.
  3. I run each play with what team member I need to use to get the ball down the field.
    *Note- Depending on the size of the project determines how many different plays I run.
    *Note- Sometimes the plays are run without huddles very quickly and sometimes we have to have time out’s with our Coach to double check the details of the play we are running.

Any number of things can happen during the game. For example, if your spouse is playing on Defense for the Other Team, we cannot move the ball down the field. Or if the bank decides it won’t loan the money for the project, we automatically lose the game. If the economy tanks it could be an automatic end to the game.

The most important thing to remember in choosing the Quarterback for your team is to choose them based on their past experiences, the recommendations from other coaches, and the character of that person.

I hope you choose ME as YOUR Quarterback! Check out all my awesome testimonials from other coaches!

Let’s Go Team!

Melinda Peters Elliott- ASID-Affliate Practitioner
WFCP- Design Expert

Fine Designs & Interiors, Ltd.