Helping in the Transition of Moving!

I recently helped a client of mine who is moving from her home that she lived in for years to a condominium. It was a really hard time for her due to the fact that she had raised her family in that home. She not only had to purge but she had to make the new place she was going a home. These transitions are not to be underestimated!

She called me mid-December ready to almost lose it, and asked if I could meet with her ASAP. She was trying to make decisions on her new flooring for her Kitchen and Living areas, and paint colors. She was using a local company to do her flooring and a painting contractor for the painting. Both companies wanted answers now! She had asked her family to help her make decisions but really wasn’t feeling that those decisions were “right” for her new home.

I was so grateful she had called me and that I could come in, consult with her for an hour and to put her mind at ease with these choices. I felt that I had a “fresh” look at her new situation which no one had but me. I gave her some narrowed down choices and told her what was going to look best for now and for the future. She was very pleased with the outcome and now I am working on finishing touches for her “new home” with window treatments and bedding. I’m sure she is going to LOVE her new place!