Experience Luxury and Relaxation: Unveiling the Hottest 2024 Bathroom Trends

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Experience Luxury and Relaxation: Unveiling the Hottest 2024 Bathroom Trends

Each year we experience slight shifts in the designing of bathrooms. As an Interior Designer my job is to keep up to date with these trends so I can help my clients design the bathroom of their dreams with the most updated options around. I help them get their own “vibe” for the room as well as design it for their families wants and needs for the room.

I’m always a sucker for what’s the most current but always make sure to weave all of those insights into what my client can afford to invest in as well as what truly fits in their home. I would also like to educate them on ways we can elevate that space as well!

Trends for bathrooms are all over the place this year. From minimalism to maximalism and everything in between are what is trending. Here are the 5 most popular design trends right now as described by the Kohler website:

Wellness Sanctuary: The bathroom is where we go to escape the chaos of daily life, refresh our bodies and rejuvenate our spirits. Customizable showers and bathing spaces are created to what is needed at the time. Hydrotherapy, adjustable shower sprays and steam are part of the spa-like experience. Natural and biophilic elements as well as purposeful lighting are part of the planning of this type of style.

Japandi Style: This is very similar to a wellness sanctuary. We are using clean looking surfaces without a lot of fuss, natural materials and really emphasize serenity and function. Organic form and live plants adorn this type of space. It’s about quiet contemplation, balance along with advanced technology to achieve that look.

Classical Style: This is the middle of the road style. One where form meets function, and the look becomes timeless. High quality products missed with natural materials (are you seeing an overall trend here?) We are using contemporary and traditional elements, mixing plumbing finishes, and adding beautiful wallpaper to top off the room.

Farmhouse Evolved: is a style that mixes modern materials with industrial elements. It’s relaxed and clean. We are using warm wood tones and mixing that with all different modern tiles as well as classic styles for faucets and the style of the vanities. Enameled cast iron is a hot trend item that you can use to create this look.

Now for the other side of the design spectrum!

Grand Millennial: Modern plumbing meets historical style! Its pattern on pattern but in a look that your grandmother would have done it in. Unexpected shapes, antiques for vanities and makeup stools, wallpaper and pattern mosaic tile help to bring this style to life. Pedestal sinks are perfect for this style and the use of the color green or pink in some way shape and form are a good idea in this style.

Curated Maximalism: Anything goes in here! It’s bold, bright, upbeat, and full of zest! If quiet spaces don’t wake you up in the morning, then this will! Bright and bold colors are all the rage and 1970 is back! Of all the styles, this one was the most promoted at the last KBIZ show! It showed pattern on pattern on pattern and then add vibrant pops of color to bring it together.


Woven into each of the above design styles are the following:


  1. Natural Materials: Incorporating natural materials like wood, stone, and bamboo for a warm and organic feel. 
  2. Statement Tiles: Using bold and unique tiles to add visual interest and create a focal point in the bathroom. Many of the tiles are large format for less grout lines throughout the room. 
  3. Smart Technology: Integrating smart features such as voice-activated controls, automated temperature settings, and smart mirrors with built-in lighting and Bluetooth speakers in the shower, bidets and heated floors.  
  4. Soaking and freestanding tubs, especially oval shapes are the most prominent.
  5. Vanities will have lots of storage options, integrated power outlets and individual storage. They are also mostly trending in wood tones as well! New solutions for the shower are app/keypad controls for water. Showers also have touch pad controls outside the shower area, body sprays and jets in all directions, and wet rooms where the showers and the tubs are in the same room. There are multiple showerheads, built-in seating, and steam showers for a full spa-like experience!


Remember, these trends are predictions for the year 2024, and personal preferences may vary. To get some help designing your next bathroom just give us a call! We can help you figure out how to design the bathroom of your dreams!