Better Than A Sunburst!

This Beautiful Window Treatment was created by Fine Designs Drapery Workroom a couple of years ago. I was recently in the home to do another project and thought this was definitely worthy of mentioning. Many people don’t know what to do with full arch windows and end up with one of those sheer “sunburst” things in their windows which always seem to sag. That is one of my pet peeves…a poorly made sunburst! To change the thinking process, I tend to swag fabric over posts, drapery hardware or even door knobs to draw the eye up and back down to emphasize the window without covering it up.

This is another idea for an Arched window…A Faux Iron Inset! This has been a favorite of many of my clients this past year. The window has to be templated by us and then I send it in to be fabricated in whatever design we choose in a variety of finishes. All together the process takes about 8 weeks and it is well worth the wait.


For the Fun of it…this is a photo of an arched opening from where it all started…Italy!