Bathroom Remodeling Checklist

Do you have a bathroom that is so out of date that it feels like you are going back in time when you come in it?!

I have been to so many homes that really NEED to update! It is something that you can either choose to do yourself or get some help. Some people have enough time on their hands to just pick everything out, others……get the help of someone like myself, an expert!

I am a SPREADSHEET-O-HOLIC!! I am constantly making lists of things to do for my clients and myself! I thought in this blog post I would share one of my “back office” lists with you. Remodeling a bathroom doesn’t seem like too big of a deal…right?! I’m here to tell you that there is more than meets the eye. Whether you are going to handle all the selections yourself or involve the help of a designer, this list will be of great help to you! It is going to cover some things you may or may not need so you can just mark through those. I will also leave a couple lines at the bottom open in case you want to add some more details.

Area/ Item to SelectItem ChosenPrice of Item
Bathroom flooring- sizes/finish  
Grout if needed for tile flooring  
Shower Flooring- Pan or Tile  
Grout for Shower if Tile  
Shower Curb  
Shower Drain- & Finish  
Wall finishes- paint/wallpaper/tile/millwork  
Wall niches  
Towel Bar/s  
Lighting above vanity/s  
Counterop of Vanity  
Edge Profile of Countertop  
Toilet Flusher Finish  
Toilet Seat  
Bidet ?  
Toilet Paper Holder  
Shower Head  
Shower Slide Bar with Showerhead  
Body Jets  
Shower Doors or Shower Curtain  
Trim on Shower Doors  
Shower walls  
Shower Niche finish  
Tub Faucet  
Ceiling Finish/ Paint  
Lighting on the ceiling  
Electrical outlet color of switches and faceplates
Transition Strip on the floor into the room  
Door on the Bathroom- Style/Finish  
Accent Towels  
Pieces of Furniture  
Window Treatment  
Robe Hook/s  
Heated Floor Yes or No  
Bathroom Floor Rug/ Mat  
Door Knobs/ Handles & Finish  
Knobs/ Handles & Finish on Vanity  
Decorative Shelves Size/ Finish  
Artwork for the walls  


The reason some people call a designer is that this list is totally overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of choices per line item that you can choose from. It is a daunting task! Those of us who do this on a regular basis know what brands are good, what brands are junk, what brands have the style and the price point that fit you the best. I know when I get a new client, I do a lot of work getting to know a clients’ expectations and I formulate a “look” that suits them. Its sort of like I am a big decorating computer, I take in all kinds of data and spit out what all that looks like for my client!

What you can do to save some money is to go to some magazines, Pinterest, Google, Houzz or any other online source and find out what styles you start to gravitate towards. Once you have a theme then take this checklist and start going down the list and get it filled out! The contractor will be impressed…TRUST ME!!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below! I’m happy to help guide you, and if you want help, well, that’s what I do. I’ll pick it all out for you, bring it to you for you to see it and make final selections and then I’ll hire the person to make it happen!!!

I make it look easy, but it’s really not!! Good LUCK!!