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Christmas Decorating Trends for 2021
MacKenzie Childs Christmas Decor

Every Year I am always looking at many different resources to find the latest in Christmas Decor. It is a huge rabbit hole for me actually. I can spend hours upon hours watching You Tube videos, looking at different magazines, going in and out of local stores and this year is no different! I decided that I should probably do a Blog post about my findings because my store is actually full of these trends right now. In case you didn't know I had a store it is called Fine Designs Coffee & Gifts in the heart of Downtown London Ohio.

What's Trending in Interior Design Colors for 2021

This time of year I am always SO EXCITED to find out what the paint companies will come out as the popular colors coming out for the next year. It's as exciting of a time as the Grammies. All us Interior designers are always trying to guess to see what the color will be! We sit on our computers and wait for that moment when they are announced!  So here it is the yearly paint colors but only from a couple of companies... We have Sherwin Williams and PPG and Behr who has chosen a palette of color this year.