Frequently Asked Questions

A Home's Interior Design should really start with proper space planning. You have to establish a good traffic flow and furniture layout.

You should call me as soon as the house had studs up. Especially before the drywall. We will do a space planning/ furniture arrangement plan for you so you know how the rooms will function and where you will need specific outlets, where NOT to put thermostats for accent walls. and where the floorplan of the home may need a few adjustments

When you call us we will do a small questionaire or we may send you a link to the questionaire for you to do it once you are at home. Based on the results of your needs we will discuss the different appointment options we have to offer. The appointment will be scheduled and you will be asked to send us by email or through a client portal some photos of the area/s of your home that you would like some help with. At the first appointment, the designer will come visit you, get to know your style, talk about your options for the space, discuss the investment and timeline, you would like to set and any questions or concerns you have. From that point, the designer will discuss what is the next step. Every project is different so she will wal you through the steps to complete your design.

Yes I have people who have been clients for years. We will work on one project in the home at a time and at their pace. I can do JUST a paint consultation, come out and help you hang your own pictures, or even as small as discussing what pieces of furniture to purchase for the room.

Yes! I like to say that hiring a seasoned interior designer is actually like getting a really good chef to make your food. Anyone can cook food....but not everyone can make it taste amazing. The chef knows how to add the proper seasonings, time the meal so all the parts of the meal compliment each other and come out HOT and yes, you pay for the meal but you could never put it together for the price they can and as quickly. I am the same way! I can design the room with the proper elements that you will love and function properly for your family and have the right contractor do the work for you that you will absolutely love and you won't have to stress out wondering if it was the right decision or not! I save time, I save money because I am able to find you the perfect items for your home for the same price or even less than you can buy online with my resources.

For me it is the entire process! Meeting the family, designing the perfect space for them that they would have NEVER thought of doing, and watching it come to life! I can see the finished product in my head and can't wait for it to be done so they can enjoy it for years to come!

Absolutely! I love to have an inspiration! Many times I am telling my clients what inspires me in their home. Some people will show me something they have acquired from a relative, a loved one, something from their travels, or an item that they just love and want to keep. I am very happy to work that item into the design!

I will help arrange the things you have in your home, tell you what to get rid of and if you need something to fill a space, I will make the suggestion for you to purchase that item. I do not offer a service of renting or leasing any furnishings at this time.

I have sewn since I was about 10 years old and I learned how to make custom window coverings the year after I graduated from college. (They don't teach you that kind of trade in interior design school!). I started my business making custom window treatments when i was 22 years old. I had an interior design degree but needed to prove So, my specialty is Custom Window Treatments! I have won 6 International Window Treatment Design awards with my own designs. I like to measure, draw, find the perfect fabrics, hardware, trim, etc and then I oversee the project in my own drapery workroom. I even go to every installation. I like to say I can treat ANY size or shape windows!

I have several packages from which to choose. They start at $75 and can go up to $500 for the first appointment depending on what your needs and expectations are. The appointments go from 1/2 hour to 90 minutes. When you call in, we will question you about what your needs are and match your needs with the type of appointment you need!