Yes! We do “small” Interior Design Projects

Do you have a small Interior Design project?

Do you need JUST an hour with an Interior Designer?

Do you think you can do the work yourself you just need a professional opinion?

You have found the right company! Yes we can help you!

Read on to what happened to me a few weeks ago!

I was in the hair salon talking to a few people about what I do. The more I talked I could tell one of the women was very interested . She started to share with me about her house and the interesting layout of it. She was so perplexed about how to arrange her furniture, where her TV should go and how it needed to look off the Kitchen. She asked me what I would do? Without really being there, I gave her a few suggestions that might work.

Sidebar: As a designer people think that you already know what their home looks like with a few descriptions. I hate to say it but I really can’t visualize a layout of a home and how to design it without actually being there or even seeing a couple of photos is still somewhat skewed.

Now back to the story….

So after me trying to visualize this home I finally said, I really need to see it!! She looked at me with wide eyes and said, ” Would you consider just coming out to my house and consult with me???? Do you have time for that??? My home is not a big project….” I about fell over! I said, “ABSOLUTELY!!!” That is my job! I thought you would never ask! She totally thought I was WAY too busy to come out to her home and help her. After we laughed a little she said she thought more people probably felt that way!!

So with that being said do not EVER think that I am too busy for you! Don’t think that your project is too small! Don’t think that your home is not big enough, your room isn’t “design worthy” ! My mission is to design everyone’s home to it’s fullest potential no matter how large or small it is. I have been to apartment buildings, small condos and even dorm rooms to help people decorate their spaces. Your living space is important to your well-being and your emotional self! Decorate it to its Fullest!!

Call me if you want to schedule an Interior Design Consultation Today*! I will give you the design combinations for your room or home to crank it up to its fullest potential! You will be so glad you called in help! It’s hard to know what to do yourself because you live in it everyday. It’s good to have an outsiders opinion about what you are missing.

You have my guarantee that it will be worth every penny!



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