Problems with the Wallpaper? Add Paint to it!

Have you ever had something that tore your wallpaper off in key places? You didn’t know what to do because you didn’t have any extra wallpaper to replace it with and you really didn’t want to replace the wallpaper?

This happened to a client of mine, she had hung Christmas decorations up with the removable tape that was “wallpaper safe” and when she took them down, the wallpaper came right with the tape. She was distraught about what to do so she gave me a call to come over and look at the situation to go over options…

The wallpaper that was removed was in patches about 4″ wide by 2″ tall and they were about every 2-3′ apart at the top…this was a perfect place for wallpaper border, wallpaper patches or some faux painting. I called my friend Sheri who came over and together with the client we came up with a vine of florals to paint up and around the top and sides of the opening. We used a floral arrangement in the room as our inspiration and some of the colors from the rug.

As you can see it turned out beautiful! She liked it so well we added some faux florals above the doorway on the opposite side of the room.

The problem had been solved and the client was happy with the outcome!